About BankruptcyWatch

BankruptcyWatch helps organizations automate their entire bankruptcy department. We provide a PACER API for easy, electronic access to almost every piece of bankruptcy data found in the PACER system. Gone are the days of manually using the slow and antiquated PACER user interface. BankruptcyWatch clients can save up to 80% of their bankruptcy labor costs by using the BankruptcyWatch PACER API. Using the PACER API, your organization can automate almost all of the bankruptcy data gathering and decisioning process. This means faster, more accurate and better bankruptcy decisions.

Many companies manually research 200 data points or more for each case. For example, your bankruptcy staff probably come into the office each day and are presented with a list of cases they need to research and make decisions on. This means a large part of their day is spent researching each case to determine things like income, debts that will survive the bankruptcy, codebtors, affected vehicles, affected real estate, case status, 341 meeting information, post-bk debt to income ratio, etc. Most often, the decisions are clear once all of the data is gathered. BankruptcyWatch can help you automate all of these processes so that when your staff arrive in the morning, they are presented with all the relevant case information along with all of the decisions that were automatically made before they arrived. This frees up more than 3 quarters of your bankruptcy staff's time so they can focus on recovery instead of research.

BankruptcyWatch's cutting edge PACER API and case monitoring tools allow you more capacity, better control and less risk than the manual data gathering process. To learn more about how BankruptcyWatch can help you, visit, email or call 888.895.1328.